I thought getting SSL was easy it is not. Also I push it back to later this week I been busy with Personal Life oh well! I will try get the HTTPS install later this week. Anyways also I planning to put a message board or social media message board to post or signup so you don’t have to post on the homepage or signup here you can still post and register here. Still even if there is no https install this site is pretty safe. I am hosted on a Private Dedicated Server.

I will try get new Pages as well so there is more stuff to read from PC games to Consoles something like that so this website can get moving along! Have nice weekend or week! Also First Few Days of Fall!

9/26/2018 Update: 1

I had to push back the HTTPS for little while longer maybe two more weeks. And installing a HTTPS is little bit tricky so that’s why it’s delay! Anyways next few weeks I will be adding new message board and some new pages! I know the website looks like Blah or boring! It will get there in few weeks, few months it will get there! This website is a one person job.